Last Legend's Kumoryu, Mikusa, Ameryu, Yashima, and Taketoshi Competition katana families

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We are sorry but Last Legend is no longer producing swords.

5 Katana Families • 30 Katana Models •

Five design families with six models in each family. Blades designed for Goza competition, blades designed for fresh bamboo cutting, models with 1/2 inch sori, models with 1 full inch of sori, and, as always, the customer's choice of two standard blade lengths with or without bohi - All at NO extra charge. That gives the customer a choice of 120 standard "No Extra Charge" configurations; and with the extra cost options, the customer can now create any of 220,762 -- NOW over 1 million different configurations. Other manufacturers have spent the last two years trying to copy, but there's still no doubt, there's no argument, Last Legend still gives the customer more choice, and produces more models and variations of production competition katanas, than any other manufacturer in the world, and always will.

Many companies have started to copy Last Legend's ideas (families of swords, blades designed for specific uses, etc.). Of course, it is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but the one thing that no one copies is the blade warranty, now ask yourself why.

NOTICE: All of Last Legend products are limited production, we only built a set amount of each model. At this time all the 2000 series in each family have reached their max production number and no more will be produced, Availability is currently limited to stock on hand.


If you're not completely familiar with Last Legend, take a moment to find out what makes us tick. Last Legend is unique among manufacturers in that we actually listen to the customers. Our previous swords, the 2003 editions, were the result of listening to customers for many years. During the time that this edition was in production, most all the swords that left our warehouse were accompanied by a customer evaluation form. We wanted to know, from what is now our Last Legend family members, what was right, what was wrong, and what needed changing. This was so important to us that we gave a discount on future Last Legend purchases to everyone who returned a completed evaluation to us. We now have thousands of them, and have read each and every one. It's those compliments, and more importantly, noted areas of improvement, that have been incorporated into our 2005 editions. There's a reason why Last Legend is the only company that rewards their customers for their opinions, Last Legend is apparently the only company that cares, listens, and reacts. You may also ask yourself why Last Legend is the only company that has a "you break it, we replace it free" blade warranty* on our 3000 and 4000 series blades. Maybe that's because none of our blades have broken.

last legend competition Tanto

The New Last Legend SE Competition Tanto

The New SE Competition Tanto is now here by special request. These tanto's were made especially for customers involved in knife cutting competition.

last legend katana sword

The New Last Legend ... ShinKuma SE Competition katana sword.

A new Special Edition sword created from the request of our customers.

Customers keep asking for it, so here it is. Complete with the Bear's Tooth Hamon (temper line) and the Hand Engraved Saya.

Last Legend Shinryu samurai sword

The New Shinryu SE Competition Blade

The Shinryu SE is a Special Edition that we were asked to make by Sword Armory and Imperial Weapons, because of their customer request regarding our 02 series and the top of the line Dragon katana from that series. We still had a good amount of the Dragon fittings at our foundry, so they asked us to make a "New Dragon" or Shinryu.

last legend samurai swords. Kumoryu Katana Family - Pro Cutter Series with 1.0 inch sori

In the Kumoryu family of blades we find the master of the cutting swords.  Based on Nanbokucho period sugata (sword shape) with little taper from machi (blade at habaki) to yokote (tip line), it presents an outstanding masame jihada (wave grain pattern) in the folded versions, and chu kissaki (short tip). This robust sword sports a 1.1 inch sori (curve of blade), little niku (convex shape on sides of blade), and features torizori (curve of blade at center) for superior cutting ability. 
last legend katana swords. Mikusa Katana Family - Battle Series Blades with 1.0 inch sori

The Mikusa family of blades are similar to the Yashima family.  This is a Keicho Shinto style blade with an aggressive sori (curve of blade).  Here is a quick fighter with a light feel.  This blade is torizori (curve of blade at center) with full niku (convex shape on sides of blade), a striking masame hada (wave grain pattern) in the folded blade, a taper from machi (blade at habaki) to yokote (tip line), and a longer chu kissaki (slightly longer tip).  This blade will combine the cutting ability of the pro cutter series with the agility of the battle series.
last legend samurai sword. Ameryu Katana Family - Pro Cutter Series with 0.5 inch sori

The Ameryu family of swords is a return to origins.  Here is a sugata (sword shape) taken from the earlier days of the samurai sword.  After the Mongol invasion of Japan, a call was made for more robust swords.  The tosho of the era responded by producing a sword to match the challenge.  In the style of the Kamakura and Nanbokucho period, here is a sword of authority.  The Ameryu cutter is wide at the machi (blade at habaki), wide at the yokote (tip line), little niku (convex shape on sides of blade), chu kissaki (short tip), and a striking masame jihada (wave grain pattern) in the folded versions.
samurai swords by Last Legend Yashima Katana Family - Battle Series Blades with 0.5 inch sori

The Yashima family of blades are well-balanced and quick in the hand.  They are Keicho Shinto style blades with some koshizori (curve of blade more toward habaki), with masame hada (wave gain pattern) in the folded blades, full niku (convex shape on sides of blade), a significant taper from machi (blade at habaki) to yokote (tip line), and a longer chu kissaki (slightly longer tip).  In the hand the Yashima feels like a Kamakura era fighting blade that has been reduced in length for the Shinto fighting styles.
Last legend samurai swords. Taketoshi Katana family - U-no-kubi-zukuri • Cormorant’s neck (the shape) with 0.6 inch sori

Fashioned after the Naginata Naoshi, this blade has naginata-hi (partial bohi) and a slanted shinogiji (spine of blade) similar to those produced by Nobukuni, Heianjo Nagayoshi, and Sanjo Yoshinori.  It is similar in appearance to the naginata pole arms that were converted into use as katana by samurai of the 16th century.  This sword has a beautiful masame jihada (wave grain pattern) in the folded versions, an o-kissaki (long tip), and a light, well-balanced demeanor.

Samurai sword by last legend.

A special thank you to Steve Johnson for utilizing his expertise in the classification of these blades.

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*Last Legend's Free "You Break It, They Replace It" blade warranty is included on all 3000 and 4000 series swords. Basically, the blade is warranted against breakage during the normal course of dojo practice or competition involving the cutting of "properly prepared Goza mat or like material". The blade is not covered if you try to cut a Buick in half or if a untrained, non martial artist tries to impersonate their favorite samurai movie; as much as we believe in our blades, we know you can't overcome the laws of physics. The warranty is there to provide the customer with peace of mind should they make the ultimate mistake during dojo practice or competition. The warranty covers the replacement of the blade only, and will be replaced with the exact blade if that design is still in production, or if that design is no longer in production, a blade with the closest geometry. The new blade will be fitted to the existing handle and furniture. The warranty will only replace a broken blade once during the life of the sword. The only time limits to this warranty are as follows. This free warranty will be in effect as long as Last Legend is producing katanas, or until the founder of the company dies or retires, because we doubt that a new CEO would be this generous--certainly no other sword company is.

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